Community Trade is at the heart of our business. Since 1987, we’ve been sourcing quality ingredients and accessories from expert producers across the world and enriching economically vulnerable communities. We strive to give our support and sustained trade to the people who need it most. Like to know more? Have a peek at these 15 fun facts about Community Trade and join us in celebrating 30 incredible years of giving power to the people.

1. When Did It All Begin?

The Body Shop pioneered fair trade in the beauty industry in 1987.

2. Pioneering Products

Over 95% of our products contain a Community Trade ingredient!

3. We're Proud That...

We'll more than double our Community Trade ingredients by 2020 - From 19 to 40!

4. How Much Alcohol?!

We were the first in the industry to use organic fair trade alcohol in fragrances.

5. A Fresh Start

Our organic Aloe Vera is hand-harvested 100% preservative free.

6. Hard Enough

The Babassu Nut is the hardest in the world - found in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

7. Because We Love Bees

We source our beeswax from Cameroon, using traditional and sustainable methods.

8. Rescuing A Rainforest

Our Brazil Nut trade helps to protect 8,000 hectares of rainforest a year.

9. Helping Communities Grow

The butter of 15 Cocoa Beans goes into every 200ml tub of Cocoa Body Butter

10. Hooray For Hemp!

Hemp plants have many uses and are 4X more effective at capturing C02 than trees!

11. Hey Honey

Our honey is collected by "Bee Whisperers", using traditional, sustainable methods.

12. Open Sesame!

Our Sesame trade has helped fund 8 schools and 30 drinking-water projects in Nicaragua.

13. Say It With Shea

We helped start the Global Shea Alliance - and received an award for our efforts.

14. Get Your Mitts On This

Many of our Bath & Body Accessories are made by Community Trade Suppliers.

15. Now That's Something

Our trade with Teddy Exports provides men and women with equal opportunities for safe, stable employment