Social & Environmental Reporting

2011 saw us complete our 7th Social Audit cycle whereby we surveyed our Employees, At Home Consultants, Suppliers, Values Partners and Customers. Thank you to everyone who participated.

You can view the results of this Social Audit for 2011 by clicking here. We have now commenced preparation for our 2013 Social Audit which will take place later this year.  When the 2013 survey is complete and the results are finalised we will publish them on our website.

Social Audit

Our social audit process is based on feedback from our key stakeholders about our company values, social and ethical performance. All stakeholders invited to participate are anonymous. We are one of the very few companies in Australia to conduct a stakeholder perception social audit process that is independently audited and publicly disclosed.

Why do we do this?

  • It's the right thing to do - businesses should report on their social and ethical performance.
  • For continuous improvement - we want to get better at what we do.
  • To lead by example - we want to be a role model to our companies to follow suit.

Environmental Audit

At The Body Shop we are committed to ensuring that our business is ecologically sustainable: meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. In order for The Body Shop to progress towards sustainability, it is essential to regularly review and monitor the Environmental Management Systems across the company.

Our environmental audit process is based on regular reviews of the Retail Support Centre (Head Office) and all retail outlets. These reviews focus on energy use, waste management and purchasing practices.

Information we receive from the audit informs our strategic planning process and therefore our way forward.