Wild Argan Oil

Wild Argan Oil



Our Community Trade organic argan oil is carefully pressed from the best argan nuts, hand-cracked by Berber women in south-west Morocco. We work with Targanine, a network of women’s cooperatives, because they help empower their 334 members with social and financial independence.

Traditionally, the men of the family enjoyed higher social status as they earned the most money. Now these women are often the primary earners in the family, which has increased their social status. The project provides them with a job, a good income, the ability to support their family with a stable income, and the kinship of working with other women. Some of the co-operatives even provide literacy classes for members and crèche facilities for their children.


Argan trees are native to Morocco, where the forest is so precious to the area that it is in a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Unlike much of the commercial argan oil industry in Morocco, our trade supports rural agricultural communities rather than using large factories in the cities.

This means that our trade with Targanine co-operatives allows women in rural villages to earn an income without having to leave their local communities. The success of the women’s work will help keep future generations from migrating to the cities, supporting the economic development of rural regions.


Generations of Berber women have treasured wild argan oil in their beauty rituals. Argan oil is naturally rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic acid (Omega 6) and natural tocopherols.

The precious Community Trade organic argan oil we use is pressed from the most exquisite hand-harvested and hand-cracked wild argan nuts.

The argan tree is native to the south-west region of Morocco, specifically in the foothills of the Little Atlas region. The tree takes 5 years to produce its first fruit, and thereafter each fruit takes 2 seasons to mature. The fruits are wild harvested at the height of summer, so they are collected in the early morning when the day is at its coolest.

The fruits are then sundried and transported to the Targanine cooperatives where the Berber women then process the fruits to produce our precious argan oil.The dried fruit pulp is removed from the nut.

The ladies gently crack open the argan nuts using two stones; a well worn small stone that fits into the palm of the hand against a larger stone that sits on the floor. 2-3 kernels come out of each nut. A cooperative employee will quality check each and every kernel to separate the good from the bad kernels.

The good kernels are pressed. The oil is then decanted, settled and filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest oil possible, to infuse our products with the most sublime radiance for your skin.



Berber Women


South West Morocco


We work with Targanine, a network of women’s cooperatives, because they help empower their 334 members with social and financial independence.