Eco Conscious Rainforest Hair Care

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Specifically designed for fine hair, our Rainforest Volume range helps boost volume without weighing hair down.


Leaves normal to dry hair healthy with incredible shine.


Perfect for dry and damaged hair, this range smooths, restores moisture and brings back softness.


Moisturises and protects from sun exposure, sea salts and swimming pool chemicals and removes residue helping prolong colour radiance.

Healthy hair

Healthy hair is easy to identify. It is soft yet strong, shiny but not greasy. Elastic and resilient against breakage, healthy hair feels smooth, looks glossy and has a swing to it.

What's in Shampoo?

Besides water, which makes up the bulk of content, common chemical ingredients in most shampoos and conditioners include sulphates for cleansing, siliciones to help create smoothness and add shine, parabens that act as preservatives as well as synthetic colourants.

Pracaxi Oil

Harvested from the seed of the pracaxi tree, this natural conditioning agent is believed to have been used by ancient Amazonians as part of their hair care ritual. A few drops can turn even the most unruly tresses into manageable, shiny locks, boosting softness when hair is both wet and dry, so that you can style and comb your hair easily.

Eco Conscious Standard

All the rainforest products carry the eco conscious standard which means they are respectful to the aquatic environment, are readily biodegradable and the packaging uses recycled materials wherever practical.

Hair Trivia #1

Healthy hair is very elastic and strong. This is why some acrobats are able to perform tricks while being suspended by their hair.

Hair Trivia #2

Rubbing wet, just-washed hair vigorously can cause split ends and frizziness. Just use a towel and squeeze out the excess water.

Hair Trivia #3

Hair colouring was introduced sometime around 35BC when Roman prostitutes were forced to dye their hair blonde.

Hair Trivia #4

It is essential for a healthy person with a full head of hair to lose 40-70 strands of hair a day so that new hair, sprouting from the follicles, can replace the old ones.