Ban the Airbrush

Like you, we believe we need to be who we are
not who we should be. Dont retouch me! Instablurtmme

At the Body Shop we wan't you to be confident & passionate,
there is no filter on your life, you just want to act and look as great as you feel.

All-In-Onetm Instablurtm helps you be you, flawlessly.
So as always, be true to yourself. Take a stand with us for what we believe in...
Let's say no to retouching!

Our no retouch policy

We are all constantly exposed to unattainable images of perfection. But beauty doesn’t come in a particular arrangement of features; it comes from being happy in your own skin. That’s why we have a No Retouch Policy. From our posters to our website, every image you see must meet the following:

  • We do not alter the size or body shape of our models.
  • We do not use excessively thin models.
  • We do make small adjustments to colour or minor imperfections, ensuring effectiveness of visuals across different sizes and formats.

The media continues to prey on the insecurities of women. We are doing what we can to redress this balance.

How to blur

  • 1.Use alone

    Dab and blend. Use a pea sized amount on a Eyeshdow Brush and smooth over your cheeks, chin, forehead and nose.

  • 2.Use as a perfect base

    Gently blend in circular motions before applying make-up to create a long-lasting base.

Take the perfect selfie with Instablurtm

The selfie made it into the Oxford dictionary in 2013. From celebrities to Presidents, everyone likes to indulge. Do your selfie a favour - Follow these tips for better results, less takes, and no more arm strain taking countless photos!

1) Use InstaBlurTM 5-action perfector 2) Snap
3) Support our movement and share with us
using the hashtag #NORETOUCHTBSAUST

1. Rock that Angle.

Shooting from high angle down is the classic flattering selfie pose, but don't be afraid to change it up.

2. Light it Up.

Play! Use back lights or natural window light (the sun gives a gorgeous glow) to create a warmer selfie.

3. Be your Selfie.

Let your individuality shine - don't hide freckles. Celebrate what makes you unique & have some fun!