The Planet


Business has a responsibility to protect the environment in which it operates, both locally and globally. It's not rocket science: everything we do is conditional on keeping the planet's thin biosphere livable. We all need to lift our game in order to meet the challenge of climate change. Being a sustainable business isn't optional anymore.

We use environmentally sustainable resources wherever technically possible and economically viable. Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Since October 2011 our new and newly refitted stores utilise LED lighting which is dramatically improving our energy efficiency.
  • 100% of the unmodified palm oil used in The Body Shop products has been certified sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Our supplier, is based in New Britain, Papua New Guinea. By advocating for others to only use sustainable palm oil we are helping to address severe environmental emergencies around the world. This includes deforestation, climate change and the survival of endangered species for example the Borneo Orangutan.
  • All of our products are 100% vegetarian.
  • All of our wood products and shop fit cabinetry are from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved source. We reuse old cabinetry where possible.
  • The Wood Positive initiative will see all products made from paper and card carry the Wood Positive logo, which represents the commitment of The Body Shop International of going that extra mile and making a positive impact on the environment.
  • Minimal packaging and use of recycled materials. Some of our new PET bottles contain 100% recycled plastic. This means we prevent millions of new plastic bottles having to be made every year.


We're constantly seeking to minimise the amount of packaging we use to transport our products to stores. In 2010 we eliminated six per cent of transport packaging through careful review and engineering. We're also increasing the amount of recyclate we use in product and transport packaging.

We're looking into how we can better dispose of reject products by splitting them back into their component parts – composting the contents and recycling the packaging. When complete, this will eliminate the need to land-fill rejected stock. In our HQ in Littlehampton we no longer send any office waste to landfill – it's all sent for recycling.

We also recognise that some products can affect the environment long after we wash them down the plug hole. That’s why we made a pledge to replace microbeads in all of our products with natural exfoliators. As of 2015, all of the materials in The Body Shop scrubs that replace the polyethylene microbeads are either natural or naturally derived and biodegradable.



The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) has a vision for a prosperous society in which the principles of ecological sustainability, social justice and human wellbeing are embedded in Australia’s decision-making processes, in government, in business practices and in our culture. They base this vision of sustainability and prosperity on respect and care for our environment, for our cultures, for each other and for future generations.


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