Support Community Trade

The Body Shop pioneered fair trade in the Beauty Industry. In 1987 we launched "Community Fair Trade" to create trading relationships directly with marginalised communities around the world.  Through our long term investment in these relationships, we do much more than give a fair price. The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade Principles mean that today the programme - which is independently audited by The Institute for Marketecology gives us some of our finest ingredients and accessories, and brings real benefits to over 300,000 people. The Body Shop currently has more than 1,200 products, 80% of which contain at least one Community Fair Trade ingredient.

The Body Shop is also one of the first cosmetic brands to sign onto the Ethical Trading Initiative. It is mandatory that all primary suppliers to The Body Shop be assessed against this Code, and that The Body Shop only work with suppliers that comply. This rigorous process ensures human rights are upheld and child labour is outlawed from our supply chain.