Get whisked away by the new member of the voyage family, Polynesian Island Tiaré (view the full range). The luminous blossoms of Tiaré have been used by generations of Polynesian women to adorn the hair and perfume their sun kissed skin. We asked our perfumer Elise Benat to explain the inspiration behind the scent and reveal the insider knowledge, which led to the creation of our bright, fresh, pure spring/summer scent.

Here's what she said…


“Years ago, upon returning from a trip to the French Polynesian Islands, I brought some incredible fresh flowers: the exotically iconic Tiaré blossoms.” - Elise Benat

The Blend

"Tiaré flower is a salty, fresh and addictive smell, my objective was to magnify the facet: Recreating the salty fresh mineral tonalities and a trace of Ylang Ylang oil to reinforce delicacy."


"This perfume is fresh, airy and natural, therefore it is suitable for any time of the day! Personally I like to war it on a warm summer night. I like its fresh yet sexy feeling!"

The Ingredients

"It is a fine balance, an olfactive key blending 3 unique ingredients: Tiaré Abs bringing the blooming white floralcy, Coconut Milk for the woody addiction, and a touch of Cascalone."

Other Uses

"I like to spray it into my hair as well as in the back of my neck."

Make It Last

"My tip would be to apply the fragrance not only on your skin but also on your hair! A fantastic way to enhance its trail."