City life can be an exciting whirlwind of brunches, pop up bars and after work drinks, but from time to time the hectic pace of city living can start to take its toll, and your dull skin will tell you so! But don’t hang up your disco heels just yet… Simply follow our top beauty tips to transform dull dry skin into a healthy complexion. Kick off those slippers, our Facialist and Body Care Expert Vanda Serrador is here with her tips on getting your skin looking beautifully bright.

What People Face

Being an ‘Urbanita’ is very exciting however there are a number of environmental and lifestyle factors associated with living in a city that can be harmful to our skin. Poor air quality, pollution, stress, late nights, bad diets, hard and poor water quality, less time to take care of yourselves, too much alcohol, staring at screens all day and exposure to UV rays can all lead to dull skin. All these factors expose us to a greater amount of free radicals and can give us skin that is dry and dehydrated, as well as becoming extremely sensitive, fatigued, at risk of breakouts, and over time showing accelerated signs of ageing!

Poor Air Quality

Pollution can really clog pores; it can cause a build-up of dirt that can lead to breakouts or blemishes. Pollution also accelerates cell oxidation which can lead to dull skin with a greyish tone and an uneven texture. All of these can result in dry skin and even premature ageing. Because skin is layered with a coat of harmful toxins caused by urban pollution, it is very important to have a very good cleansing routine. I would even recommend double cleansing in the evening. Exfoliate at least once or two times a week depending on the skin type.

Hard Water

Hard water contains chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine and copper that affects the skin’s protective barrier. These irritate the skin by stripping its natural oils. They deplete skin of moisture and nourishment affecting elasticity and radiance. They can also leave skin dry, unprotected and exposed to the UV radicals and the elements. To prevent skin irritation try not to wash your face under the shower as the water pressure tends to be too high and the temperature too hot which pushes these harmful chemicals further into the pores of your skin.


When we are stressed the body is tense and everything tends to work in a faster and volatile way affecting and minimising the absorption of water, vitamins and vital nutrients. This can result in skin that’s dry, dehydrated, depleted and in need of vitality! Stress can also affect our hormonal balance by exacerbating the production of sebum, resulting in breakouts and blemishes. The use of products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree oil help clear bacteria and purify the skin.

Using a Computer

Using a computer for more than 8 hours a day, over the years puts your eyes under a lot of stress causing fatigue, tension and dehydration around the eye area as well as dark circles. Doing this over the years can accelerate the ageing process. Try taking as many breaks from the computer as possible. Use an eye product like Drops of Youth™ Eye Concentrate, enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells. It instantly refreshes the eye contour, and smoothes out the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue for younger-looking eyes.

Diet & Hydration

Having a bad diet results in the high consumption of toxins. For instance, fast and genetically modified food can lead to inflammatory responses at a cellular level that lead to breakouts and skin imperfections. Salt, sugar, fizzy and caffeinated drinks can contribute to dry skin and water retention that lead to puffiness. Changing to a balanced and healthier diet will increase your uptake of antioxidants found in fruits, vegetable and whole grains helping skin defences and preventing damage caused by the free radicals. Reduce the intake of salt, sugar and avoid fizzy drinks. Stay hydrated to flush out accumulated toxins.

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Take into consideration not just what you are putting on your skin but also what is happening or changing around you and be flexible and adopt a different skincare routine when needed. If you can change your environment and your lifestyle. Take time to rest. Take advantage of the skin’s peak renewal time and make sure you are in bed by 11pm. Combine your lifestyle with a philosophy.

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