Tea Tree - 3 Steps to Clearer Looking Skin

Tea Tree Clear Skin Heroes 3 Steps To Clearer Looking Skin


Skin Clearing
Tea Tree Facial Wash

Remove excess oil and eliminate impurities without over drying your skin with our daily use Skin Clearing Tea Tree Facial Wash. Simply massage it into the skin using fingertips, then rinse away with clean water.

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Skin Clearing
Tea Tree Toner

After cleansing use the refreshing Skin Clearing Tea Tree Toner to remove any traces of make-up or cleanser. Shake the bottle to activate the mattifying powders. Apply a generous amount to a cotton pad and sweep across the face and neck. Clearer skin in seconds!

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Skin Purifying
Tea Tree Oil

To target blemishes effectively, apply Tea Tree Oil directly to your skin using clean fingertips or a cotton bud. Renowned for its powerful purifying properties, Tea Tree oil helps to remove impurities and leaves your skin clean and fresh.

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