3 Rituals for the Perfect Spa at Home

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Blissful Ritual Blissful Ritual

When you're feeling in need of luxury, indulge your body & mind with this sublime ritual.

Spa of the World

Polynesian monoi radiant oil

radiant monoi body & hair oil with tiare flower from french polynesia

Tiare flowers have been treasured by the women of the Pacific islands for over 2,000 years for glowing skin and hair.

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Hawaiian kukui cream

rich nurturing kukui cream with kukui oil from hawaii

A Hawaiian secret passed from generation to generation, kukui oil helps to restore skin's natural suppleness, leaving it feeling nourished and soft.

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Hawaiian Kukui Cream

tahitian orchid massage oil

sensual orchid massage oil with vanilla orchid from tahiti

Treasured in traditional Tahitian massage, wild vanilla orchid is blended with yland ylang and patchouli for an irresistible sensual experience.

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A nourishing oil-in-scrub with cupuaçu nut from the Amazonian Rainforest

The cupuaçu nut is the Amazonian secret for nourished skin. Its precious nut oil is poured over fine salt crystals, leaving your skin smoothed and replenished with oil.

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Relaxing Ritual Relaxing Ritual

When you're feeling stressed and tense, fast-track to relaxation with this calming spa ritual.

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african ximenia scrub

softening xmenia body scrub with ximenia oil from namibia, africa

Handpicked in Namibia from the "Tree of Life", the ximenia fruit seed yields a luxuriously rich oil, leaving skin feeling smoother and softer.

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himalayan charcoal body clay

purifying charcoal body mask with charcoal clay from the himalayas, india

Grown and harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, bamboo charcoal is an ancient beauty secret to draw out impurities from skin.

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Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay
Spa of the World

egyptian milk & honey bath

relaxing milk & honey bath with milk from egypt

Soak in our Egyptian milk & Honey bath to relax and unwind, with a recipe of three oil extracts to leave skin feeling luxuriously smooth.

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french lavender massage oil

relaxing lavender massage oil with lavender oil from the south of france

The relaxing powers of lavender are legendary - its naturally calming scent promotes well-being and helps de-stress body and mind.

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Spa of the World
Spa of the World

japanese camellia cream

velvet moisture camellia cream with camellia oil from japan

Camellia oil has been used by Japanese women since the 8th century to gently soften and moisturise skin.

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Relaxing Ritual Relaxing Ritual

When you're feeling tired, run down or sluggish, invigorate mind and body with this energising spa ritual.

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dead sea salt scrub

dead sea salt intense body scrub with sea salt from the dead sea

Dead Sea salt is precious for its high mineral content and its coarse crystals, the perfect texture to reveal fresher-looking skin.

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moroccan rhassoul body clay

firming rhassoul body mask with rhassoul clay from the atlas mountains, morocco

Mineral-rich Rhassoul clay is treasured by Moroccan women for its skin firming power, leaving skin to tighten as it dries.

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Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay
Spa of the World

thai lemongrass massage oil

stimulating lemongrass massage oil with lemongrass from thailand

For centuries, lemongrass has been cherished in traditional Thai massage for the invigorating effect it has on body and mind.

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Atlantic Seaweed Gel-Cream

An intense hydrating gel with Seaweed from the Atlantic Ocean

Full of oceanic minerals, Atlantic Seaweed is infused in a water-breaking cream that instantly refreshes skin in hydration.

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Atlantic Seaweed Gel-Cream
Accessories Accessories
Spa of the World

body mask brush

a stroke of genius

The perfect partner to your spa experience! Use this handy brush to smooth a thin layer of body clay over dry skin in long, upward strokes to ensure a perfect, professional application. The result? Refreshed-looking, silky-smooth skin.

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Relaxation Techniques Relaxation Techniques
Relaxation Techniques 1



Music has an amazing ability to transform your mood. Make a play list of your favourite chill out songs and press play every time the stress levels start to build.

Relaxation Techniques 2



Meditation is a wonderful way to clear your mind and create a sense of tranquility - and best of all you can do it almost anywhere! Find a quiet place, close your eyes and take deep breaths allowing your mind to go still.

Relaxation Techniques 3

try a


Over time stress builds in our body and can leave us feeling run down. You can recreate this spa experience at home for yourself by massaging your scalp or hands - try a few drops of Spa of the WorldTM Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil to reinvigorate body and mind.

Relaxation Techniques 4



Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel great. Find a regular time each week and a physical activity that you enjoy, such as running or yoga, for a healthy body and mind.

Relaxation Techniques 5



Whether it's by the seaside or in the woods, a brisk walk in the great outdoors provides an instant mood boost. So put your walking shoes on and head out for some fresh air and natural relaxation.

Relaxation Techniques 6



While not a quick fix, a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit and plenty of vegetables will help you feel at your best when you're rushing around.

Relaxation Techniques 5


on it

Last nights and early starts can make you feel exhausted and stressed. An early night or even a quick nap can help you feel refreshed and revitalised. Try applying a few drops of Spa of the WorldTM French Lavender Massage Oil to your pulse points to help create a relaxing mood.

Relaxation Techniques 6


a passion

Doing something you love is an instant way to feel happier. Put aside a little bit of time a week to paint, dance or do whatever makes you feel good.

Relaxation Techniques

lastly, take a bath...

There's nothing like a bath to help you unwind. Light a few candles and put on some calming music to create a soothing spa experience in your very own home. Begin by applying the African Ximenia Scrub generously onto damp cleansed skin in circular motions. Then, apply a thin layer of the Spa of the WorldTM Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay before you pour five scoops of the Spa of the WorldTM Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath under running water.