Young Vagabond

Young Vagabond is a new and exciting magazine created for young women, by young women

Young Vagabond is a new and exciting magazine created for young women, by young women; namely Haylee Collins and Ashleigh Grogan. The magazine is to inspire and empower generations of Australian women with a wide range of articles relevant to young woman like beauty, fashion, sex and relationships as well as articles relevant to the world at large such as science, sport, current affairs and politics.

Haylee and Ashleigh used online crowd-funding to raise the initial funds needed to create, develop and print the magazine. Their aim is to give young women a voice away from alternative print publications that often have an unhealthy focus on image and sexuality. They want readers to think critically about everything they are exposed to in the media, including the content of Young Vagabond!

The Young Vagabond team wish to accurately represent real women and girls, and champion their achievements. They want to encourage young women to have adventures, live passionately and embrace their freedom! The Body Shop Australia is supporting the Young Vagabond magazine to help activate self-esteem in young women and in the spirit of our own ‘Think Positive’ campaign; we want to reward them for thinking big and making a difference!

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Young Vagabond


Young Vagabond magazine single issue $6.95 in-store or annual subscription $25 (plus postage)


In The Body Shop retail stores nationally across Australia


Monday 15 – Sunday 28 April 2013


To help the Young Vagabond team to positively influence, inform, inspire and empower future generations of Australian women