You might suddenly find that your body care routine just doesn’t seem to fit with the warmer weather, so we’ve put together some body care and beauty tips to help you get through the change in season. Yes, that means it’s time to put aside the dark lipstick and dive into the new season looking fresh-faced and gorgeous.

Fake it till you make it

It's Spring & finally time to unveil some skin. Forget tanning salons & fake that gorgeous glow instead. Add Honey Bronze™ Drops of Sun to foundation to warm up the colour and spray Honey Bronze™ Leg Mist onto pins for an instant glow.

Keep your skin calm

With the changing temperatures comes a changing complexion. Both your skincare and body care routine need to adapt. Keep sensitive skin soothed, calm and hydrated with our Aloe range.

Keep the glow

Keep your faux glow a little longer by minimising dry skin with our Vitamin E moisturiser. An extra beauty tip to enhance radiance is our Vitamin C Energising face spritz. It combats dull skin to help keep your colour.

Hydrate those Locks

One of our favourite beauty tips to keep your mane looking as luscious as possible is using our hydrating Rainforest Moisture Shampoo and our beautifying body and hair oil.

The ‘no make-up’ look

The beach babe look? Naturally! Get ready to nail the ultimate beauty trend – the easy breezy ‘no make-up’ face. Our beauty tip to get the ‘no makeup’ make-up look is our Instaglow to give a natural-looking beautiful base.

Hydrate your body

Drink at least two litres of water a day to stay hydrated, and we all know this one, remember to drink in moderation and eat before you drink!