Introducing New

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

The latest hydrating skincare treat with a burst of refreshing coolness, a velvety soft texture and long-lasting hydration.

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Quench Skin's Thirst

Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet contains Aqua Sphere technology - microscopic moisture spheres that act like tiny reservoirs and hold hundreds of times their weight in pure water. Each jar contains over 2 million Aqua Spheres, delivering a 24 hour feed of moisture to your skin.

Community Fair Trade Soya Oil

Gebana produces soya oil from GM-free, organically grown soya beans cultivated in the hinterlands of the Iguazu River. Soya oil is well known for its moisturising properties and is rich in essential fatty acids, caring for very dry and mature skin.

Mattifying me softly

Mineral particles help to absorb oil and mattify, the feather-light, sorbet texture simply sinks into skin, so you can stay shine free, fresh and confident all day long.

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Use on Cleansed and toned Skin