Work Out Don't Break Out

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There's nothing like working up a sweat - your head feels clearer, body fitter and there's that overwhelming sense that you've achieved. The thing most people don't realise, however, is that while you're at the gym, your mind and body might feel uplifted but often your skin gets exposed to blemish-causing bacteria. This can lead to break outs and pesky blemishes that might leave you reaching for the tissue box. But fear not, we've rounded up the best skincare routine to help keep skin as clear as your body and mind after working up a sweat. Scroll down to check out our facialist and body care expert Vanda Serrador's tips on working out without breaking out!

Gym Time

Before Exercise, make sure you start your skincare routine by removing all your make-up and using dermal waters or the new Tea Tree Skin Clearing Daily Solution to tone after cleansing. Your skin needs to be fresh and clean and pores free to breathe. And after exercise repeat this routine and add the Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion. Do not double cleanse after exercise. It's also great to use a cooling compress after exercising. Also avoid touching your face after exercising use a clean towel and apply a purifying mask.


The water in the pool isn't dirty water, however, it can be highly irritating and aggressive to blemish type skins and for that I would use a nice hydrating skin mask, a facial oil or an aloe vera gel before going in the swimming pool. This works as a barrier against the harsh chemicals in the pool minimising irritation. After your swimming session do not double cleanse as this can be too harsh for the skin when you are coming out of harsh water. Use a gentle wash and hydrate.

On the Run

Make sure that you remove all traces of make-up and your skin is clean and fresh before you begin your skincare routine. After you run, you need to remove impurities and toxins accumulated during the activity. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser effectively cleanses without over stripping your skin of its natural protective oils. Then use an essence lotion to tone and to rebalance your skin, apply the Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion mixed with a pea sized amount of the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Daily Solution for extra cleansing oomph!

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